Drilling rigs assistance

Apart proposing our storage facility, we can offer you a range services for your drilling rig moves:

  • Transport door to door
  • Rig cleaning
  • Sandblasting & Painting equipment
  • Fumigation
  • Etc.

At our facility, we have a dedicated pad for washing and maintenance.

Our cleaning is environmentally friendly.

Painting and sandblasting missions have become our core service within Zarzis free zone, we’ve spent several years working in this field and showing a lot of mastery while dealing with products made of different materials such as glass, stone, metals, wood, plastics, steel, brass, aluminum, and silver.

Zarzis Free zone the gateway for drilling in Libya and Algeria


Zarzis Free zone

Get to experience the uniqueness of our services to your oil & gas cargo at the Zarzis Free trading Zone!
Zarzis Free zone
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Zarzis Free zone

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